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              Welcome: Nantong Xingjia Textile Limited company
              Language: Chinese ∷  English

              About us

              Nantong Xingjia Textile Co., Ltd., located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, was established in 2013. Its predecessor is Haicheng new textile Distribution Department (founded in 1995). In the same year, the Anshan Xinhua Huayu branch was established in Anshan, Liaoning Province, and the service scope has been extended to foreign countries. Is a collection of pure cotton, polyester cotton, polyester and other green environmental protection fabric research and development, production, sales in one company. The company's existing main products include: fabric hospital (in bed, hospital customized apparel fabrics and finished products, curtains and other medical hospital Hotel (hotel), fabric four pieces, toothbrush, towels and other fabrics (custom), household household bedding four sets).
              So far, the company has been established for nearly 20 years, has been committed to the development and design of fabric, can be customized for customers according to the different needs of customers. So far, our products have passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, and the products of various physical indicators and environmental indicators are in line with the release of the national quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the GB/T18885-2002 "national technical standards" and "national ecological textiles textile products basic safety technical specifications" GB/18401-2010 standard (including class a, class B, class C textiles). The company is also registered in recent years "emerging Hua Yu" "emerging" two brand brands.
              In the past 20 years, the company has always carried out the "high-end environmental protection fabric" "high-end quality service" for the purpose.
              Standing on the new starting line and riding the east wind of China's textile industry, today's emerging textile industry is constantly exploring ahead with a higher brand reputation, better product quality and better quality service.
              We are working hard to bring the best products and services to the most needed consumers.
              We are acting as a textile brand with a wide range of influence in China.
              We are willing to cooperate with the large and medium customers to create a win-win situation, we are willing to build a good faith and orderly textile sales market to do our best!


              CONTACT US

              Contact: Wang Xin

              Phone: 13804202625

              Tel: 0412-3838558;0513-86322361

              Email: 308551345@qq.com

              Add: A: Liaoning Province, Haicheng city Xiliu apparel market in the four District No. 89. Two address: Jiangsu province Nantong International Textile City gold six road No. 187

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